1) 有一個會依使用者上網瀏覽設定和上網cookies發生作用的軟件年前已給載入電腦,依時依候彈出協助使用者更精明消費的Adware,要將它卸除,也得要先經過它的網址和許多說明和句法拗口的設問。

2) 此外,我作業的電腦上裝有一個只有整個系統的管理人或其各級受權人仕(Trustees) 才能作任何調校、更改、更新或御存的軟件;基本來說,它記錄了電腦各方面的原設定,「拍攝」作檔,此後變更的幾乎一切操作選項、軟體更新/下載/删除等,一一以一檔案記存,「拍攝」作檔,系统管理人只要將兩份Snapshot比對,即方便其系統管理–調整之工作。按我的那臺電腦中的設定來說,系統管理人更可將一切自動抄錄於一「Public Folder」的備份------ 從聯網的遠端檢視,並掃描所有檔案。這個「Public Folder」的備份,自動抄錄的設涵更包括任何文字檔的變更。



作為長期的精神病患,我還得要化解格外的焦慮,我深呼吸一口氣,在心裡以定斷的語氣告訴自己:這是實實在在的系統管理問題,不是我的廹害妄臆,不是Dellusional References。我的Bipolar Cycle 正往下坡,這種會出現於燥狂階段的症狀不合情理。




Anonymous yuanna said...

I just watched the megabytes of empty promise from Google jump from 2467.347598 to 2468.000113 - I felt like staring the digits until dawn breaks. Maybe I will after this.

It's sad how we all want to keep things desparately, lest one day we did disappear. We wouldn't want the world to think we'd done nothing worth mentioning, right? I'm such a closeted blogger I'm sure you know that.

Leung, I wonder if I'd put down my mental status on my "resume" if I were you. A resume doesn't have to be long. It makes people jump into conclusions/assumptions about your writing. Let the opus corpus reflects its own might.

I'd love to know what people have to say about me after reading the list of things I've bought on Ebay. That's my favourite past-time right now. Private listings are so boring!!! Fetish high heels, distressed leather belt, Chanel buttons, charity auctions, like new fur coat, breast implants, weight loss programme, Las Vegas wedding package, Roman mosaic decorations, a condo in southern France ...

I should zip and go back to the digits. It's now 2468.043987 and growing every second.

Blogger 李智良 said...

yes, i spend much time browsing ebay and buying things there, too; i am sick of shopping malls and local consumption culture... and i just got myself a birthday present that is embarassing to tell publicly, i will show you when we meet...

i thought about the resume issue, i did linger over it... there is a long line of reasoning and back and forth of thoughts before i reach there; to name it is a way of starting to confront it; but of course i might end up mystifying certain aspects of my experience, but if there exist category like "lesbian writings" or that the abstract paintings of an autistic can be appreciated aestheticaaly AND politically, i want to celebrate my uniqueness, my somewhat obscure sensibilities...

Anonymous yuanna said...

Ah, let me guess, an antique watch!! Either that or a camera.

I've been waiting for your comment all day! I sorta miss your bullshit, but when I do see you, I wish you'd shut up because you're still talking the same thing when we first started hanging out at Delaney's. I'm sure I do the same thing.

I don't mean to spoil your joy but Ebay is every locality's consumption culture. That's so typical of you - rationalising the things you do.

With China producing up to 70% of high end fashion and other stuff, plus the endless piracy problem, which I love, I won't be surprised if the Louis Vuitton group will be making their speedy handbags in Shanghai. I think they're already doing it. The OLs will be crushed.

Once, a friend told me about a website, which she claimed to have found "accidentally". It's called www.adultfriendsfinder.com. The pop-up says, "Wanna find love in Tsim Sha Shui or anywhere else in the world?" I tried so hard not to laugh because I felt so naive. I thought she met people on www.perfectmatch.com!!

I told her I'm horny and she has been trying to get me sign up to be a member: free for ladies, guys pay sex donations. I don't know how it works for the homosexuals though.

Last night, I was twisting and turning in bed, really tempted to sign up. I believe that the more sex I have, the less time I'll spend on reveries.

All of a sudden, I felt the Jesus-enlightenment - "It'd be great writing material!" You go to a stranger's place, you wear his shirt after sex, you look through his stuff while he's taking a shower, check out his porn collection, steal his driver's license for a laugh, or a good CD or a book you've been dying to read but wouldn't spend the money because you know it's crap anyway ... forget about the boring foreplay and robotic introductory conversations at Lan Kwai Fong or Dai Pai Dong.

Isn't my idea much better than that of the "Paint it Black" girl, using her clients' testimonies to publish this supposedly outrageous, voyeuristic sex series for sisters?

I'm rationalising too! I should just sign up, have great protected sex with gorgeous people.

This makes me rethink the resume thing. We ought to stop being so self-conscious. Baudelaire is good probably because he's an Aries not because the space and time he's in. We will always be (mis)judged no matter how we introduce ourselves, where and what we study, whom we quote, what we do ... The point is we all need to sell ourselves in one way or another.

I recently met a guy - not on adultfriendsfinder I swear! I asked about his sexual orientation and he said he's a lesbian. He loves women 100%. My first reaction was, "Leung said that!" I'll be thinking about you when I sleep with him, if I do get to sleep with him. Leung, I'm afraid you have to find a new category.

To be honest, I stay home on most weekends browsing junks on Ebay. The cute speedpost delivery guy recognises me. It's sad. It's a sad pleasure I admit. But I'll try hard not to rationalise and drive myself nuts next time I feel lonely. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous ch said...


系統所有原初setting要back up,就是因為adware會改變windows的系統運作設定,所以要有back up才能挽救到原初狀態。在辦公室內其實沒有人會咁得閒「咪書咁咪實」你部機啦。而adware九成是外地人士,都理唔到咁多,他們的目的是為了要將tailor-made的廣告送給你看,若果你沒有看banner 廣告的習慣,其實就成功擊退敵人了。



緩衝辦法:開I.E.,click "工具" --> "國際網絡選項",再click「刪除cookies」及「刪除檔案」,就可將temporary internet files消除,因為不少adware 檔案是在那兒找到的,剷走它們可幫到小小忙。

Blogger 李智良 said...


you opened up a lot of issues which perhaps could be best bracketed as "getting not so young without a career"

Blogger 李智良 said...


謝謝你的解說,有時我真的很杯弓蛇影。而且我都找不到原因有人要咁有興趣盯實我部電腦。心理學說那些paranoid 的人每出於一種過份的自戀,覺得自己好重要,周圍的事都針對他而生。

Anonymous yuanna@adultfriendsfinder.com said...

Well, to look at the bright side, at least I'm not a man and I have a hardworking accountant sister to balance things out. If 40 is the new 30, we're still babies. We act like one anyway.

Liz Greene - fabulous Jungian astrologer (whatever that means) - says this of Leos, "It is usual to find the Leonian personality described as egotistical and self-centred. But it might be more correct to say that rather than being self-centred, he is seeking the self at the centre, and in consequence, everything that he does is of dramatic importance to him because somewhere in all of it, he senses the possibility of the direct encounter, the direct experience. Rather than criticising him for his tendency to exaggerate his own importance, it is perhaps more helpful to realise that no individual can be of any value to himself or to others until he first discovers who and what that self is."

Our fatal character flaw explained ...



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